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Some people have recently raised the question round about the two controversial issues: Some hobbies are relatively easy, while others present more of a challenge. In addition, a family with an awful lot of people often incurs more enormous expenses than a small family does.

To what extent do you agree with this view. A large family is a lovely place to live in and an irreplaceable source of motivation that inspires us with a great confidence to make nothing of any insurmountable difficulties. Another problem is that parents may expect their children's interests to be similar to their own.

Personally, I believe that both types of hobby can be fun, and I therefore disagree with the statement that hobbies need to be difficult in order to be enjoyable.

Has this change improved the way people live. For these reasons, internet shopping is likely to remain a minority pursuit. Do you agree or disagree with the following statement.

In this way, both men and women have the same opportunities, and applicants know that they will be successful if they work hard to achieve good grades at school. The continuing popularity of shopping in the traditional way suggests that consumers continue to value its advantages: We cannot help everyone in the world that needs help, so we should only be concerned with our own communities and countries.

If there are a lot of people on the road in the same time and it make you can't move, it's called traffic jams. Many people decide on a career path early in their lives and keep to it. In my opinion, men and women should have the same educational opportunities.

In conclusion, the selection of university students should be based on merit, and it would be both impractical and unfair to change to a selection procedure based on gender. Also, students go to colleges and universities to have new experiences. Members in a big family have to budget their money wisely so that everyone can have enough food and clothes to live and sufficient conditions to pursue their education.

Simply changing the viewpoint may help them to see it from a more positive way. To what extent do you agree or disagree.

This means careers, such as information technology, that are expected to need a large workforce in the coming years.

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The relationships could be among family members, friends, and colleagues. I would recommend that people not be so focused on a career.

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A small donation to an international charity might have a much greater impact than helping in our local area. In the UK, for example, working mothers significantly outnumber stay-at-home mothers. In conclusion, it is true that we cannot help everyone, but in my opinion national boundaries should not stop us from helping those who are in need.

Products bought online also normally need to be delivered by post. Many offenders commit more crimes after serving the first punishment. There are many solutions for stress. This reduces the risk of heart disease and high cholesterol.

In some ways life is worse, but mostly it is better.

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Firstly, not everyone dreams of doing a particular job, and it can be equally rewarding to try a variety of professions; starting out on a completely new career path can be a reinvigorating experience.

Meanwhile, there were considerably fewer travellers from Canada, although the figure grew over the same period from 51, to 75, with most of the increase occurring in the second half of the decade.

Some people argue that these experiments should be banned because it is morally wrong to cause animals to suffer, while others are in favor of them because of their benefits to humanity.

[ BÀI # ESSAY MẪU CHỌN LỌC] - THAM KHẢO CHO # WRITING VÀ CẢ # SPEAKING! Ad gửi các bạn sách tổng hợp bài essay mẫu chọn lọc với đa dạng các thể loại essay từ narrative essay (dùng luyện Speaking Part 2), argumentative essay (Writing Task 2) và các loại essay khác vô cùng bổ ích.

Tham khảo các bài viết tương tự 0 Góp ý Bài essay của The Common Application - The prompt reads, Reflect on a time when you questioned or challenged a belief or idea. May 13,  · Bài giảng về Essay IELTS Writing Taks 1. Cô có tham khảo phương pháp của Simon. Xem thêm ở đây: Ms.

Phượng SILA Website. bởi Tháng Tư 3, Tháng Mười 8, Để lại một bình luận IELTS WRITING Cho Các Bạn Tham Khảo Tin Mới. In this essay, I would like to elaborate on these two aspects as follows.

gia-su-quan A large family has some considerable advantages.

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