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Furies are therefore helping maintain the cosmic order by enforcing regulations that the daddy of gods and men administer hence they are not viewed as being anarchic and primitive spirits of violence. That is further clarified when she finally hideously murders his hubby upon his go back from Troy.

Though Aegisthus claimed he planned Agamemnon s death, he had no active part in the actual murder.

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How often theme appears: His speech about how the father is the only true parent makes little sense. It is in this first address to Clytaemnestra that we learn that power is a main aspect of her. Prophetess Cassandra experienced entered into an agreement that required him to give her gift idea to prophesize in substitution for her; however after getting the power to prophesize she does fulfill her assurance which prompts Apollo to punish her.

Clytaemnestra and Penelope are diametrically opposed representations of women in ancient Greece and as such allow an understanding of the roles of women and how women were viewed by their society.

One could also argue that she voted for acquittal because she is the god of war. The dangerous situation explains why their son Orestes is not here to greet his father, she tells Agamemnon.

She says of Agamemnon, and for his wife, may his return and find her true at hall, just as the day he left her, faithful to the last. Along with this man she plotted revenge against her husband and alienated herself from the ideal of womanhood.

These are complicated moral question that Athena asks the mortal jury to grapple with. Spiritually The author argues that there surely is a thin collection between humans and beast and so allows individual to change to beasts to try and show that the individuals who leaved in those days were as in human as beast would be fro occasion the partner of the ruler who eagerly foresee to the go back of his spouse so that he'd murder him and continue ruling Wilson, An eye for an eye was the way to societal justice.

Even the chorus, though it claims it respects her, mocks her behind her back. They don't want to go too far; some are insincere and only seem to rejoice for the good fortune of another, but a good judge will see their falseness.

The speech's ending is the heaviest irony of them all: The Furies are so consumed with harming Orestes, that they follow him and cling to him, never resting.

Justice turns the wheel. These are therefore feared and honored equally Artemis because they're worried about justice in the society.

But he is in fact, according to Robert Fagles and W. This cycle of violence leads the gods to search for a different solution.

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The Furies right to vengeance cannot be dismissed. He continues, And don't try to get me, a mortal, to walk on these precious tapestries, which should be reserved for the gods.

The Eumenides is the battleground for the two competing moralities. Aegusthus' dad evokes a curse to Atreus his Son, when he was given on the butchered children.

A husband and wife have no blood relation, yet the son is of the same blood as his parents. Our lives are based on pain. This too, is a terrible crime, seemingly of the same weight as Orestes" act. If the society of Greece is to progress to a higher civilisation, some other way must be found to resolve the conflict of moral questions.

Now he goes in to the palace, forced by his wife, "treading upon purple" Of the three plays in the trilogy, Agamemnon contains the strongest command However they do offer at least two viewpoints from which to analyze the roles of women in ancient Greece. Within their response, they state that she will be crushed to loss of life by the "bitter feeling" of men, this is partly because of the fact that the fatal crime was determined by only creature which is a woman.

Fate and the Gods Themes and Colors LitCharts assigns a color and icon to each theme in Agamemnon, which you can use to track the themes throughout the work. In Agamemnon by Aeschylus, Clytaemnestra is the character with the majority of the power because of her ability to manipulate the other characters.

In this way they could avoid encounters with strange men who were not their relatives and susceptibility compromise their respectability. The Chorus shows high admiration for the gods by fearing beings such as the goddess Artemis.

However, both prenominal characters are at the vagary of the patriarchal Athenian society which makes these two seemingly diverse characters closer in design than most would ab initio assume. They besieged her for marriage to obtain her desirable self as well as her property.

In this way, Aeschylus creates a woman very aware of the way she portrays herself. She did have one very humanizing feature, the love she had for her children. Research essay sample on Agamemnon Was Destined Justice As Revenge Orestes custom essay writing agamemnon orestes clytaemnestra zeus.

Customer center. We are a boutique essay service, not a mass production custom writing factory. Let us create a perfect paper for you today! In Agamemnon by Aeschylus, Clytaemnestra is the character with the majority of the power because of her ability to manipulate the other characters. She is not influenced or swayed by Aegisthus to murder her husband.

She kills to gain justice for her daughter s death, as she feels their law justifies her acts. Free College Essay Women’s Revenge in the Oresteia and Medea. Comparing Women's Revenge in The Oresteia and Medea Clytaemnestra and Medea are two women who are seeking justice for a.

In Aeschylus’ play Agamemnon, there are three major reasons why Agamemnon, after returning from Troy, is murdered at the hands of Clytaemnestra. These three reasons happen to be Agamemnon’s sacrifice of their daughter Iphigeneia, Clytaemnestra’s love.

The character of Clytaemnestra is portrayed very differently in both Aeschylus’ Agamemnon and Euripides’ Electra. In Agamemnon, we see a very strong female ruler, who is completely absorbed by her passion for vengeance, whereas.

Athena is the goddess of wisdom and war, patriotism and good citizenship. She is the protector of Athens, as she is the patron deity of the city. There are two sides of her character: she could be mighty and terrible, or gentle and pure.

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