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From nearly six months of study and preparation, he had intended the work to evoke a flood, baptism, destruction, and rebirth simultaneously. This essay proved to be one of the most influential treatises on art ever written.

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History of painting In the yearKandinsky created the composition VII, which became one the most talked about painting of the century. The young and talented Angello Jank of Munich exhibited several pieces, which bore extremely close resemblance in tones to those of the Scotsman.

He eventually returned to Germany to teach painting at the Bauhaus. In painting, artists' rediscovery of tempera provided them with the technical means of treating color differently.

Modernism, which reflects the modern art of the twentieth century, was founded partially by Kandinsky who led the movement after the collapse of art in Germany as a result of World War I. Usually the color black will be used to draw the outlines of the subject or an object but Kandinsky uses the color to show the depth of an emotion.

Logically, Kandinsky and modernism are linked to each other because abstractionism was described and defined as the modern art in the twentieth century as the European painting was moving away from the naturalistic representation.

When colors are mixed together, they create a meaning together. For instance, the color blue next to green creates an entirely different feeling inside a person rather than when placed next to red.

Although he studied law and economics at the University of Moscow, his love and passion for art that encouraged him to leave a promising career in law and dedicate his life to art.

Considered one of the most influential painters of the German Expressionist movement, Kandinsky is best known for his artistic and theoretical contributions to the development of nonrepresentational, or abstract, art.

Wassily Kandinsky Critical Essays

Tempera's properties as a stable, quick-drying pigment, whose colors produced a bright and intense richness, were conducive to the creation of paintings in which artists could assert themselves through color as an expression of their individuality.

According to an often-cited anecdote, Kandinsky's "discovery" of abstract art occurred in when, struck by the beauty and originality of one of his own paintings, he realized that the work had been turned upside-down; the figures he had found especially pleasing and communicative owed their advantage to their lack of conventional denotation.

But it simply admired the dance of all the colors in the painting. Wassily Kandinsky was one of his kind not only because of his talent, but also because of his awareness that was obvious through seizing the opportunities available in every social or political move.

Although composition 8 has no reliable meaning attached to it, the perfect blend of color variations with the incredible placement and inclination of shapes makes it one of the most revered portraits in history.

In one of my first accounts of Munich's art exhibits I spoke, by the way, of that strange and still-yielding impression, which turned up among spectators in the exhibition halls devoted to Scottish painting.

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It has no distinct message and everyone has the opportunity to interpret it the way they want, with less regard to what the artist actually intended.

Hierl-Deronco's huge painted canvas—Garden of Love—a row of female figures in a landscape—gave the most tasteless combination of intense strokes of color with the blackness and mud of Critics generally refer to the years between and —when Kandinsky first espoused abstractionism—as the period of his greatest achievements.

And the variants include drawings, water colors, wood cuts, and oil paintings on the related themes. Kandinsky, Wassily Russian painter, critic, and poet. To begin with, I had no idea what does the painting means. And it is just now, perhaps, that a reaction is beginning: Modern Theories of Art: He remained as an instructor at the Bauhaus untilwhen the National Socialist Government forced the school to close.

Whistler's brilliant words on the harmony of dusk flew all over the world with astonishing speed.

Wassily Kandinsky

Currently, most of his works are located at the Guggenheim Museum in New York. Composition 8 resembles more like an ensemble of geometric shapes, cleverly smeared with paint rather than actual work of art.

Hire Writer He therefore embarked on making abstract works that had no connection to the physical world. This pioneer abstract piece has one dominant feature though, the overutilization of the circle.

He therefore wanted his art to have the same power of music and evoke the same emotions to people. And here, in the midst of this international assembly of fogs, patches of the new light caught on fire in some places.

He wanted his paintings to be like music, something which will go straight to your heart, you can only feel it. Apart from his genius in geometry and apparent love for detail, composition 8 does not evoke any substantial feelings.

For example, the yellow gives you an inspiration of violence and frenzy while green gives you a restful feeling Izenberg, He may have used the circles to convey something that we may never know. A vertical line corresponds with height, and offers no support; it possesses a luminous, warm tonality close to white and yellow.

Wassily Kandinsky was a Russian-born artist, whose contributions to the world of modern art are innumerable. On an artistic level, Kandinsky's maturation process from representational art to abstract art is fascinating.

Wassily Kandinsky and Kasimir Malevich were the first to really create works that were pure abstraction. Kandinsky was the founder of the Abstraction movement and even published a book detailing his theories on art and spirituality, On the Spiritual in Art.

Wassily Kandinsky ESSAY! Wassily Kandinsky In this world, we have many people who contribute to the development of humankind and play a vital role in creating a difference in their surrounding environment.

Wassily Kandinsky Critical Essays

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Wassily Kandinsky – Composition VII 4 that, Kandinsky’s composition VII is a combination of the resurrection of the Christ, The last judgement, and The Garden of Love in an operatic outburst of pure painting. Wassily (Vasily) Wassilyevich Kandinsky was born in in Moscow to well educated, upper-class parents of mixed ethnic origins.

His father was born close to Mongolia, while his mother was a Muscovite, and his grandmother was from the German-speaking janettravellmd.comality: Russian.

Essay on wassily kandinsky
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